Annual Raindrop Gala

Presented by Millenium Plus Homes

In everything we do we must look to the future, seeking always to think creatively, and innovate to improve it. It is important we stick together as a united and inclusive society. In support of this, Raindrop Gala would like to invite you to the Annual Raindrop Gala.

Make Your Impact

About The Gala:

Raindrop Gala is an annual fundraiser in support of raising money and awareness of global poverty. 100% of funds raised through supporters, ticket sales, sponsorship and silent auction is donated to the World Partnership Walk.

Dress Attire

Guests are requested to attend in formal attire.

Where the Money Goes

100% of the ticket price, silent auction, sponsorship goes to fight global poverty! The money is donated to the World Partnership Walk.

– Sincerely, the Raindrop Gala Team.